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How to choose a career

What we all do throughout our whole lives (I mean most of us) – we study. Schools, colleges, universities, additional education, extra curriculum activities… All these things we do are transmitted in our genes from our parents. We must study. We should learn the stuff. We ought to be prospective and get a good career…Wait… I think here is the main point of our “thirst for knowledge”, here’s the essence of our constant devouring information. We just need to have a stable respected and successful career.

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Legendary Shows That Have Changed Our Idea Of Television

Modern television is littered with various shows. Every time you switch the TV-set on you can see dozens of programs where people discuss stupid topics and do weird things. But there are a couple of shows that really used to have a great impact on the history oа modern television. Let’s make a quick review of them.


The Oprah Winfrey Show

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have watched this show at least once in your life. The first episode of Oprah’s show was launched back in 1986 and literally made a boom. Many years have passed, but this show remains the highest-rated talk show in America. Oprah was the first woman who raised the most acute topics and discussed them live. This show was highly influential and generated lots of followers across the globe. Winfrey is famous for her great interviewing talent and the ability to ask awkward questions. Oprah gave people a chance to get the word out and talk about the most important social, political and cultural issues, and people will always remember her as the host of the most honest and sincere show in history.

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Mental Disorders Depicted in Fiction

Many fiction books depict the main as well as minor characters to suffer from different types of mental disorders. In the most cases their features and personalities are subjected to a stereotypical of mental patients, consequently forming a tighter bound association of being an outcast with a certain state of mind.

Commonly the images from literature show the frightening or repulsive cases of the violent insane characters, but still there are some books where the mental illness receives a fleur of mystery and hidden fascination becoming romanticized.

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How to survive the divorce

Going through the divorce is one of the hardest things one may face. Even if all the love has gone away, and even if you know you are better off without him, breaking up is still painful. Maybe being together becomes kind of a habit and you need to put a lot of effort in quitting it. And all the memories can’t be easily erased from your mind. When things don’t work out we all get upset or even angry. It is a normal reaction to breaking up, because both of you expected something more. And all the memories, laughter and caring seems to be less meaningful than you wanted them to be. It hurts.

I’ve never been married, but have been in a long term relationship that didn’t end well. And I want to share my experience with you, I don’t know if it helps if you were married for ten years and broke up, then maybe my advice (and advice of my friends who had been in a similar situation) will seem silly. But I do hope it helps a little.

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How to quit smoking

So many words are said about harm of smoking, passive smoking, about how nicotine patches can help etc. I believe all the things that can be said on this topic are already said. But people don’t quit smoking. They don’t care that they do harm to other people’s health (passive smoking).

So I think there should be a new approach to the problem. We need to look at it from the inside. I believe I am not the first one who thinks so, but I still want to share it with you. Close people, relatives, friends – these are the people who should try to prevent / fix the problem. I was brought up in the family where drugs and smoking considered being worse than death. I am not saying my parents were crazy or something, but they did feel very strongly about it. The way a child is brought up counts. So, family is the first and the primary source of respect to a healthy lifestyle.

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Hugh Laurie as a writer

Writing is what most of us try to do at some point. It may be a poem of a young girl / a boy who fell in love for the first time or a novel written by a professional writer, diploma paper or a research made by a student. We all write. Have you noticed that many actors and other people whose job is somehow connected with art and / or creation eventually start writing?

Sometimes it amazes me how one person can be an actor, a showman, and a poet at the same time. These people are truly talented and many-sided. Hugh Laurie is one of them. He is an English actor, showman, singer and a writer. But he is widely known due to his role in the epic American “House M. D.” TV series (2004 – 2012), where he played an eccentric but brilliant diagnostician – Doctor Gregory House. I should say, he does American accent perfectly well! Dr. House, the character, doesn’t like to play by rules, but he always wins. Spiteful and witty, he believes that all the people are primitive and dishonest, and solving medical cases like puzzles is what he loves the most. Deep inside Dr. House is very miserable, suffering from constant pain after the surgery.

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