Hugh Laurie as a writer

Writing is what most of us try to do at some point. It may be a poem of a young girl / a boy who fell in love for the first time or a novel written by a professional writer, diploma paper or a research made by a student. We all write. Have you noticed that many actors and other people whose job is somehow connected with art and / or creation eventually start writing?

Sometimes it amazes me how one person can be an actor, a showman, and a poet at the same time. These people are truly talented and many-sided. Hugh Laurie is one of them. He is an English actor, showman, singer and a writer. But he is widely known due to his role in the epic American “House M. D.” TV series (2004 – 2012), where he played an eccentric but brilliant diagnostician – Doctor Gregory House. I should say, he does American accent perfectly well! Dr. House, the character, doesn’t like to play by rules, but he always wins. Spiteful and witty, he believes that all the people are primitive and dishonest, and solving medical cases like puzzles is what he loves the most. Deep inside Dr. House is very miserable, suffering from constant pain after the surgery.

Hugh Laurie is nothing like House in real life, he a very calm person. Who sure has a great sense of humor. Before his epic role in “House M. D.” he and Steve Fry were on the show that was called “A bit of Fry & Laurie” (1989 — 1995). He also was on one of the episodes of another amazing TV series – “Friends”. He played a passenger on a plane who sat next to Rachel when she was going to London to tell Ross she still loved him.

Hugh Laurie and some other actors are in the “Band from TV(Greg Grunberg, Bob Guiney, Hugh Laurie, James Denton, James Denton, Jesse Spencer, Bob Guiney, Adrian Pasdar, Scott Grimes). It is a charity cover band and all the money they make is donated to the charities of their choice.

In 1996 Hugh Laurie decides to write his first novel. The work of his friend and a former co-worker Steve Fry inspired him to start writing. The success of his book was much bigger than that of the Steve Fry’s work. The book came out 8 years before the pilot episode of “House M. D.”. The main character of “The Gun Seller” – retired Army officer Thomas Lang is witty and smart. So if you liked Dr. Gregory House you are definitely going to like Thomas Lang. Some say that Lang is like House with a gun instead of the cane.

“The Gun Seller” of Hugh Laurie is just as good and smooth as the blues music he writes. It is easy and interesting to read, the plot is far from being trivial, it is fresh and amusing, and it involves humor, affection, and danger. If you are looking for a quality book to read, read “The Gun Seller”.

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