How to quit smoking

So many words are said about harm of smoking, passive smoking, about how nicotine patches can help etc. I believe all the things that can be said on this topic are already said. But people don’t quit smoking. They don’t care that they do harm to other people’s health (passive smoking).

So I think there should be a new approach to the problem. We need to look at it from the inside. I believe I am not the first one who thinks so, but I still want to share it with you. Close people, relatives, friends – these are the people who should try to prevent / fix the problem. I was brought up in the family where drugs and smoking considered being worse than death. I am not saying my parents were crazy or something, but they did feel very strongly about it. The way a child is brought up counts. So, family is the first and the primary source of respect to a healthy lifestyle.

Friends have a great impact too. If you are a teenager and all of your friends smoke, you will probably start smoking too. When I was a teenager, 90% of my friends smoked. But it didn’t make me smoke, I never hold a cigarette in my entire life. I guess the impact of my parents was very strong. What I am saying is – if none of your friends smoke, then you won’t even think of smoking. You have common interests, like cycling, not smoking.

If it didn’t help and you still smoke, then I believe only your power of will can fix this. There is a limited number of places where smokers can indulge their bad habit, but it is not going to stop them. It may help to prevent other people from starting to smoke though (teenagers mostly). Warnings on the packs are not going to be much help too. Actually, I thing they have zero impact. Banning cigarettes – this is what may help. But this industry brings too much money, so I think it is not going to happen any time soon. Raising prices / taxes on cigarettes may change things to some extent.

I believe one of the strongest tools in a war against smoking is … love. The influence of the one you love. Gentle encouragement. You may encourage your spouse’s efforts to quit even if they are no success. Or even if he / she used to smoke a pack a day and now it’s only 10 cigarettes a day – it deserves encouragement too. Show your boyfriend / girlfriend / husband / wife how much you are proud of him / her.

The social factor is probably the strongest. Smoking may be the reason why you get rejections from the employers, smoking may be the reason why a girl / a guy doesn’t what to go out with you, smoking is generally frowned upon today. I had to mention it even though it is external factor. Society predetermines a lot. So let’s be against smoking, and let’s encourage smokers to quit!

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