How to choose a career

What we all do throughout our whole lives (I mean most of us) – we study. Schools, colleges, universities, additional education, extra curriculum activities… All these things we do are transmitted in our genes from our parents. We must study. We should learn the stuff. We ought to be prospective and get a good career…Wait… I think here is the main point of our “thirst for knowledge”, here’s the essence of our constant devouring information. We just need to have a stable respected and successful career.

No doubt it is an extremely right desire. Maybe, the most right in every life. But doing something must be for a certain purpose and a career becomes the most logical point at the end of education.

Having thought this issue over I came to a conclusion that the most challenging point about all this stuff is choosing a right career. Here many of us face the problem of choice when you have so many opportunities and you need to get only one. THAT ONE. Without any mistakes. Here are the questions you should answer when you are going to determine your whole future pace.

  1. What is your main talent? This is really extremely important, just because it’s silly to be a lawyer if you are a perfect singer, for example. You should think the problem thoroughly over and choose the job you will love, a job that will bring delight to you according to the things you are interested in your everyday life.

  2. What’s the best productive atmosphere for you? This question can help you determine the place you would like to work, I mean, if you are sick and tired of a static work, I doubt you will be happy to have a sitting office job.

  3. What is the style of your activity? We all tend to love our own styles and rhythm of work, that’s why choosing a career you should among all characteristics think of the desired schedules and tempo of the job of your dream.

  4. How easy is it for you to establish social relations? This is a very important question to answer, I think. Our whole life is constructed out of different relations and interaction. Working, you meet not only people you like but also people you depend upon. It requires much effort to learn being socially adapted. That’s why, if you don’t like people in general or have sociopathic habits it would be hard as hell for you to have a job connected with everyday interaction.

  5. How do you endure stresses? Any work is a stress from time to time, not constantly, of course. Here the main point is how much a stressful situation can hit your self-assurance. It’s necessary to know if you are capable of staying stable in any situation to have clear mind in urgent decision making. This way you can see if the work that has a greater probability of stresses is suitable for you.

  6. What is the income of your dream? Anyway, we work not only to have a certain social status, but to earn money. It’s an integral part of every life. But the fact is that, we all need different amounts of money to be happy. So, answering this question can help you choose a career bringing the income you desire.

I’m sure you really know the answers to the questions given above which is quite helpful for your choosing a career you dream of. But I want you to remember that the main point of a successful life is being interested in what you are doing. This characteristic is the most important one. So, guys, go get a career of your whole life;)

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