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Violence in Feroy

Everybody loves dolphins. They are playful, fun-loving and clever animals. Usually people admire them. Dolphins are really amazing animals. And the most astonishing thing is that dolphins are capable of thinking. And do you remember the smiling expression of playing dolphins? But there are the countries where nothing can help them to avoid bloody massacre.

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Safe Lifestyle – Protect Yourself!

It is a pity to admit, but in modern society the greatest danger for health and life presents people. We got used to live in constant fear of becoming a victim of a crime or some terrorist action. This fear influences our lifestyle, makes it more stressful and prevents us from enjoying life to a full extent. Learning the basic principles of self-defense, however, will make your life safer.

First of all, remember that earphones are no good when it comes to walking late at night. Load music will prevent you from hearing suspicious steps behind and taking proper measures of precaution.

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Propaganda – Ideology of the Modern Crowd

In the world, where information rules we are constantly bombarded with whiz bangs of news, advertisement and knowledge. It is useful to spend some time on thinking and observing whether all this information is reliable or it is a kind of propaganda, the method used by the news makers to make you think in a way they want you to think. The news is supposed to be provided objectively to give you an opportunity to form your own opinion. However, sometimes the facts are omitted with purpose to make things look not as they really are for you.

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Weirdest Books Ever

Have you ever started to read a book and some pages later realized it was absolutely weird? I have! You would be surprised, but the critics created the most amusing literary award in the world, Diagram Prize. It is given annually to the authors who wrote the strangest books or the books with the strange names, which is often the same. By the way, this event can be called the least known literary event on the planet. One should keep in mind, the idea to reward the most insane works occurred to one literature critic in 1978. The first prize went to the book which is called “Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Nude Mice”. In 2010 the judges gave their preference a book entitled “Managing a Dental Practice the Genghis Khan Way”. Isn’t it odd? Oh, it is! Every year about 70 books take part in this competition, and the critics select just six best books. In 2011 despite the economic downturn, the number of unusual books was so great that the founders of the Diagram Prize decided to withdraw seven finalists.
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The most famous women

Life of a woman is hard. There are a lot of things for them to deal with, a lot of spheres of life to succeed in: raising a child, building a career, keeping in shape, keeping household, etc.

But there are great women that achieved a lot in one or even all of this spheres, these women are known all over the world. Today I am going to speak about some of them.

Cleopatra (November 2, 69 year B. C. – August 12, 30 year B. C; aged 38).

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Sweden Gets Ready for the Population Senescence

The senior citizens constitute the growing part of the population in Sweden. Many of them managed to retain a good health and lead an active life. Most of the senior citizens live in their our houses. Sweden draft a larger part of the gross domestic product for the support of the elderly population than any other country. The amount of the gross domestic product drafted is more than five times bigger than the average figures of the Eurozone.

Healthcare and social support of the aging population is the important part of the home policy of Sweden. From the 9.5 million people living in this country 18 % have already pushed the age of 65 years, which is the age for the retirement. This figures are likely to grow up to 30 % to the year 2030, the reason for that is the fact that a lot of people in Sweden were born in 1940.

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Tips to Pass Your Test Successfully

I’ve never met a single person who enjoys being tested. Any average student hates sitting ans passing exams. They become anxious about seeing a blank sheet of paper and fall into panic if they don’t now the correct answer. They begin to fidget and their palms get wet whether they remember the material well or not. But nothing could be do about that. You may like it or not but the tests can’t be avoided. You are to have at least several serious exams during your life. You are to pass a driving test if you want to have a license, the employer is likely to check your skills in a test form if you apply to a position. So the best way to reduce the negative emotions about sitting an exam is to get accustomed to it as soon as possible. Imagine that tomorrow you are to have an important test. I’m not going to deliver you a lecture on the results of hard studying. Probably I should let your teacher do that. How to get ready right now?

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