Sweden Gets Ready for the Population Senescence

The senior citizens constitute the growing part of the population in Sweden. Many of them managed to retain a good health and lead an active life. Most of the senior citizens live in their our houses. Sweden draft a larger part of the gross domestic product for the support of the elderly population than any other country. The amount of the gross domestic product drafted is more than five times bigger than the average figures of the Eurozone.

Healthcare and social support of the aging population is the important part of the home policy of Sweden. From the 9.5 million people living in this country 18 % have already pushed the age of 65 years, which is the age for the retirement. This figures are likely to grow up to 30 % to the year 2030, the reason for that is the fact that a lot of people in Sweden were born in 1940.

One of the main goals of the social programs in this country is to help the senior citizens to lead a full, active and independent life. This includes providing them the possibility to live in their own houses as long as possible. The elderly people who live in their o houses independently have the opportunity to receive the social support which will save them from household bothers or worries about their health. All the local authorities in Sweden provide the free hot meal delivered to the houses of the pensioners. Almost the half of the municipal organizations maintain the public catering for the elderly people in the special centers. Some initiative groups organize communities of the senior citizens who have a wish to cook for themselves.

When an elderly person can’t manage to run the household he or she may apply for the household help, which is financed from the town budget. The disabled people have the right for such help around the clock, so they may remain at home. Moreover the medical help is more often provided at home if there is no necessity of the stationery treatment.

The local authorities also maintain the psychological support for those who need it. During the daytime the qualified specialists are at the service of those pensioners who lacks spirit and moral support. Generally these services are focused at the people with such diagnoses as dementia or mental weakness. This help saves these people from living in the special institutions.

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