Safe Lifestyle – Protect Yourself!

It is a pity to admit, but in modern society the greatest danger for health and life presents people. We got used to live in constant fear of becoming a victim of a crime or some terrorist action. This fear influences our lifestyle, makes it more stressful and prevents us from enjoying life to a full extent. Learning the basic principles of self-defense, however, will make your life safer.

First of all, remember that earphones are no good when it comes to walking late at night. Load music will prevent you from hearing suspicious steps behind and taking proper measures of precaution.

Use your body language to express the sense of confidence. It is said that most criminals can single out of the crowd a potential victim due to his or her uncertain manners and posture, as well as shy absent-minded look. You should exercise a brisk manner of walking, confident and decisive look and sharp gestures if you do not want to invite a person to attack you by your behavior of a victim.

If you feel, that assault is inevitable, hit first to catch the attacker by surprise. Note that you are not in the movie, so there is no need to perform spectacular hooks and kicks. Just some simple groin strike will be enough for a start.

If you want to plunge deeper into the art of self0defence and make safety one of the principles of your lifestyle you should learn one of the martial arts which suit you best. First, you should accept the fact that Aikido, Karate, Wing Chun, Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga are not only a set of methods of fighting but the whole philosophy aimed at making your life more secure. If you want to become a master of your fate and exclude unpredictable factors from your life, the art of self-protection is what you need to acquire.

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