Violence in Feroy

Everybody loves dolphins. They are playful, fun-loving and clever animals. Usually people admire them. Dolphins are really amazing animals. And the most astonishing thing is that dolphins are capable of thinking. And do you remember the smiling expression of playing dolphins? But there are the countries where nothing can help them to avoid bloody massacre.

There is a violent tradition in Feroe connected with the ceremony celebrating young men turning their majority age. This usually happens twice a year, in May and October. During that time the Risso’s Dolphin population is migrating across this area. Using this situation the men fold the poor animals to the bay with the help of fishing powerboats. There they are being violently killed with axes, armature, spears and harpoons. The waters of a bay turn red with the blood. The latest May hunt took the lives of more than two and a half hundred dolphins. One dolphin is released each half a year to bring the new population the next time.

In the ancient time this custom was a necessary one as the people of Feroe were eating the dolphin meat. Nowadays nobody eats dolphin meat there but the tradition still exists. There is no need for blood shed but the people don’t cease massive killing of dolphins.

Since 1948 Feroe has got its sovereignty. That’s why the Dutch authorities can’t do anything with the terrifying situation.

The Green Peace aims to reduce the amount of killed animals. Since 1990 the quota for possible hunt was introduced. It consisted n more than 0,1 % of the whole population. The real figures are far greater. This kind of dolphins has already been registered in the Red Book as endangered animals. But the category “conservation dependent” doesn’t require the ban of hunting the dolphins. Some ecologists have appealed with the open letter asking to stop the violence but it has still received no answer.

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