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The Most Violent Female Teens Ever

Mary Bell is one of the most famous girls whose case is studied by the psychiatrists even today. In 1968 together with her 13-year old friend Norma she choked two boys aged 4 and 3 to death. The press gave young Mary different epithets as “the monster kid” or “the evil seed”. Mary and Norma lived in the most socially dangerous ghetto in Newcastle, where they used to spend a lot of time in the streets. They played anywhere they wanted without the supervision. In the Norma’s family there were eleven children and Mary had three siblings. Her father pretended to be her uncle for her mother to get the pension as the single parent. The mother gave birth to Mary being only 17 years old and tried to commit a suicide by taking an excessive amount of pills. Later she also tried to poison her own daughter. Everyone noticed the outstanding intelligence of Mary Bell. But the young girl used to tear her dresses and ribbons. She knew the Bible perfectly. Later the list of the deceased relatives was found in her pocket Bible edition.

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Pride parade

Lesbians, gays, bisexuals express their thoughts, beliefs and freedoms celebrating pride parades. Moreover celebrating it they assert their rights as well. In many countries it is still forbidden to get married a partner of the same sex. In some countries pride parades are forbidden in general. Take Russia as an example. Thus the pride parade was banned for the next hundred years in Russia. It shows “… that the Russian government remains behind the times”.

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