Learn to forgive

For many people it is hard to forgive others for everything they have done. It is even challenging. But at the same time it is difficult indeed to live loathing someone deeply for the mistakes he or she has made. I know myself how difficult it might be. But you need to learn to forgive. Strangely enough but ability to forgive other people depends on some factors. You may be angry with someone who has done nothing special to you. At the same time you may forgive a person who has done something more serious only because he is remorseful of it. So usually we are able to forgive others only because they care and regret about their mistakes. But it is difficult to forgive a person who doesn’t care much about your feelings. So as the rule we decide whom to forgive and whom not to. It may seem strange but it is reasonable for some people. You may give a second chance to your friend or to your husband who has cheated on you. These people are important to you. And the only possible way to stay with them is to forgive them. They are an important part of your life. Just remember about it.

At the same time you may angry with someone who is not that important to you. Anyway you just can’t stop loathing this person. But you should remember that this person doesn’t care much about your feelings. He lives his life not paying much attention to your emotional experience. Then what for are you doing it? What for are you wasting your time on a person who probably has forgotten you and your problems. And what about you? You day by day trouble yourself thinking about this person, how terrible he is and how life is unfair to you. But remember that people are selfish and they do not care about others. Be a little bit selfish as well for your own sake. You should enjoy your life as well

Try not to be too judgmental. I mean people are not perfect at all. So you may give a person a second chance to heal your relations. Try to be more reasonable and less emotional. It is hard to believe but one of my friends was angry with a guy and she even didn’t remember the actual reason of her state. So try to be rational. It is very important to realize it.

Try to think positively. You should realize that what happened to you is a life experience. Decide for yourself what it may teach you and what you may learn from it. Is it difficult? Then try to be a bit ironical. I do appreciate people who are able to laugh at their problems. It would help you to move on. I know that it is not that easy as it seems to be. But you have to. I’m sure later you will be proud of yourself because you managed to forgive someone’s mistakes.

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