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Weirdest Books Ever

Have you ever started to read a book and some pages later realized it was absolutely weird? I have! You would be surprised, but the critics created the most amusing literary award in the world, Diagram Prize. It is given annually to the authors who wrote the strangest books or the books with the strange names, which is often the same. By the way, this event can be called the least known literary event on the planet. One should keep in mind, the idea to reward the most insane works occurred to one literature critic in 1978. The first prize went to the book which is called “Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Nude Mice”. In 2010 the judges gave their preference a book entitled “Managing a Dental Practice the Genghis Khan Way”. Isn’t it odd? Oh, it is! Every year about 70 books take part in this competition, and the critics select just six best books. In 2011 despite the economic downturn, the number of unusual books was so great that the founders of the Diagram Prize decided to withdraw seven finalists.
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Hugh Laurie as a writer

Writing is what most of us try to do at some point. It may be a poem of a young girl / a boy who fell in love for the first time or a novel written by a professional writer, diploma paper or a research made by a student. We all write. Have you noticed that many actors and other people whose job is somehow connected with art and / or creation eventually start writing?

Sometimes it amazes me how one person can be an actor, a showman, and a poet at the same time. These people are truly talented and many-sided. Hugh Laurie is one of them. He is an English actor, showman, singer and a writer. But he is widely known due to his role in the epic American “House M. D.” TV series (2004 – 2012), where he played an eccentric but brilliant diagnostician – Doctor Gregory House. I should say, he does American accent perfectly well! Dr. House, the character, doesn’t like to play by rules, but he always wins. Spiteful and witty, he believes that all the people are primitive and dishonest, and solving medical cases like puzzles is what he loves the most. Deep inside Dr. House is very miserable, suffering from constant pain after the surgery.

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