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Legendary Shows That Have Changed Our Idea Of Television

Modern television is littered with various shows. Every time you switch the TV-set on you can see dozens of programs where people discuss stupid topics and do weird things. But there are a couple of shows that really used to have a great impact on the history oа modern television. Let’s make a quick review of them.


The Oprah Winfrey Show

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have watched this show at least once in your life. The first episode of Oprah’s show was launched back in 1986 and literally made a boom. Many years have passed, but this show remains the highest-rated talk show in America. Oprah was the first woman who raised the most acute topics and discussed them live. This show was highly influential and generated lots of followers across the globe. Winfrey is famous for her great interviewing talent and the ability to ask awkward questions. Oprah gave people a chance to get the word out and talk about the most important social, political and cultural issues, and people will always remember her as the host of the most honest and sincere show in history.

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